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Raul Ernesto

9th Grade, Secondary School Needs Half Tuition of $850 Donate Now Raul Ernesto is an attentive, driven student who is also quite outgoing. His civic and academic talents make him a natural student leader. He loves sports so much that he is always on good behavior so that he can have the full recess time […]

Marvin Josue

7th Grade, Primary School Needs Half Tuition of $850 Donate Now Marvin came to Mayatan in 2009 following the death of his father. It’s a joy to have this extroverted, energetic student on hand. Marvin also has an older brother in 9th grade here. His single mother manages as many of her son’s educational expenses […]

Marlon Alexander

5th Grade, Primary School Needed Completa Sponsored in Nov. 2011 Marlon is a very intelligent and creative student. He comes from a large household in one of the poorest areas of Copán that includes his grandfather, three older brothers, and two younger brothers. Being part of a large, exuberant family has made Marlon someone who […]

Marilin Nahomy

1st Gr., Primary Needed Half Tuition Sponsored in 2011 Marilin is a quiet, attentive student and a quick learner. Her original award was for a half scholarship, but her top-notch academics and financial situation have convinced us to raise the amount. Marilin lives with her single mom, and she is lucky enough to have part […]

María José

6th Grade Primary School Needs Half Tuition of $650 Donate Now María José comes from Sesemil, an aldea in the mountains several miles above Copán along very rough roads. The family had to move to Sesesmil because of mother’s work as a teacher in Malcote, and to take care of mother’s father, who was ailing. […]

La Pintada Children

5th Grade, Primary School Needed $10,000*Sponsored in 2011-12 Mayatan was lucky enough to receive its first ever grant in the 2011-12 school year from the Honduran government to support indigenous student scholarships. Combined with the support of a generous set of sponsors, these students from La Pintada are able to continue to receive their complete […]

Jose Adelso

7th Grade, Secondary School Sponsored for 2014-15 school year In November 2011, we found support for Jose Adelso’s scholarship thanks to a generous grant from the Honduran government for students of indigenous backgrounds. This coming year a generous new sponsor, the mother of a former Mayatan teacher, has promised to support all of Jose’s academic […]

Fernando Josue

9th Grade, Secondary School Needs Half Tuition of $850 Donate Now Fernando is an extremely outgoing student. He is always more than willing to participate and loves to talk about anything, just as long as he’s practicing his English. His family is very supportive and always willing to do whatever it takes to help him […]

Camila Fernanda

6th grade, Primary school Sponsored for 14-15 school year Camilia Fernanda came to Mayatan in the 3rd grade, and she’s happy to join her older brother, Leonardo. Their father is a woodworker and painter who made many of the classroom and decorative signs at the school. In addition, their father makes crafts like mirrors, painted […]

Library Day Celebration

Library Week got off to a special start at Mayatan Bilingual School this year. Our entire school came together on a Tuesday to celebrate the library, raise money for books and supplies, and have fun. The day began with an English-language spelling bee. Students gathered early in the courtyard outside the John Weber Library, where […]


Carlos Rene Fajardo Pinto is the oldest of five sons. While in primary school, he received a scholarship from Mayatan Foundation that covered half his tuition costs, allowing him to attend despite his family’s financial situation. This opportunity, combined with his academic ability, strength of character, hard work, and supportive family, has enabled Carlos to […]

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