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Last updated 02/17/2017

Raul Ernesto

Raul Ernesto Rodriguez Banegas

9th Grade, Secondary School Needs Half Tuition of $850 Donate Now

Raul Ernesto is an attentive, driven student who is also quite outgoing. His civic and academic talents make him a natural student leader. He loves sports so much that he is always on good behavior so that he can have the full recess time to play soccer. Raul is new to our scholarship system because of his parents’ financial situation. His mother just had a baby and stays at home to take care of it, and his father lost his primary job, as has happened to many in and around Copán. The family runs a small copy shop, but business is slow business of the economy, and they are struggling to pay their son’s tuition. Raul currently has a GPA of 95% and is seeking a sponsor which would allow him to continue onto our high school program. Raul would make any sponsor proud.


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