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José Adelso

Jose lives in El Carrizal, a small aldea in the hills 3 miles above Copán. His grandmother walks him down the hill to school every day. When he was younger, she would sit and wait for him until school was out. Given the care that his grandmother puts into his education, it is no surprise […]

December 2010 Newsletter

Our December 2010 Newsletter is out. This is the first newsletter published electronically using content from our website. It was originally sent out to our e-mail list using Vertical Reponse. If you didn’t receive the email, you can read it on our website. Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list so you can […]


Melissa is an ambitious Mayatan graduate who is pursuing a medical degree at Costa Rica’s Universidad de Ciencias Medicinas. Despite living and studying abroad, she looks forward to coming back home on her breaks: all the people she grew up with and care about are here, and Mayatan is an important part of that experience. […]

Watch Video from Solo Cree, the Mayatan Christmas Musical

Watch a singing and dancing scene from Mayatan students’ performance of Solo Cree on December 10, 2010 at the Municipal Hall in Copán. You can read all about the wonderful event, which raised money for sound equipment for the school, in a full article on this website.

Solo Cree: A Musical Comes to Mayatan

The holiday season is naturally about giving, sharing, and coming together. This year, Mayataners came together to put on a terrific piece of Christmas musical theater in the Municipal Hall. Solo Cree (based on Just Believe by Pam Andrews and John Devries) was the first musical drama performed in Copán, and it was the combined […]

The Cabildo Infantil in Copán

Near the end of October, eight other Mayatan students and I gathered with representatives of other schools, communities, and little villages in the Municipal Hall in Copán to choose new members for the Cabildo Infantil. Cabildo Infantil in English means: children’s municipal corporation. Like a regular government the Cabildo Infantil represents Copanecan children and completes […]

Christian David

Christian is a high school student and former Mayataner who is ready to take flight literally and metaphorically.The high school student fell in love with airplanes after a friend showed him how to repair model planes, and he has plans to become a pilot or an aeronautical engineer. We don’t doubt this warm, bright teenager’s […]

Hector Orlando

Hector Orlando is a proud Mayatan graduate who attended high school in Santa Rosa before moving on to Unitec in San Pedro Sula for university. He looks back fondly on his time here, saying that “Every teacher had time to dedicate to each student.” Hector notes a definite advantage to his Mayatan education. He was […]

9th Graders are Crafty

Mayatan students can be a crafty lot, but this time the phrase applies literally.  Rudy Dubón’s 9th graders should be particularly proud of their recent handiwork. For the past two weeks, they have been working with local artisan and father Miguel Angel Nuñez on decorative wood crafts, and the results are strikingly professional. Students cut […]

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