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María Gabrielle

María Gabrielle is a pioneering Mayatan student, one of the children for whom local mothers founded the school back in 1991. Today she is in her third year of studying interior design at Universidad Veritas, a school for art, photography, architecture, and cinema in San Jose, Costa Rica. She is enjoying just the sort of […]

New Mayatan Merchandise – Show Your Love!

Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Honduras and volunteer for a year just to have a Mayatan t-shirt. Show your love for bilingual education in Honduras by sporting a t-shirt, mug, cap, apron, or mouse pad with the Mayatan logo. When you display our emblem, you let the world know that […]

A short documentary video about La Pintada

This is from a short film that Eileen Estela Mera and her brother made about the community of La Pintada. Eileen is a former Peace Corps volunteer who served in La Pintada in the mid 2000s. She and her coworker, Ben, helped to bring children from La Pintada to Mayatan. Watch the video to learn […]

Juan Angel

Juan Angel is a charismatic student at Zamorano, the agricultural university in Honduras. As you’d expect of someone who enjoys classes about science and production or bananas, Juan Angel isn’t the type of person who likes to sit behind a desk all day. Instead, his hope is to return to Copán and enter the family’s […]


Gisselle was the third child in her family to attend Mayatan, following her two older brothers here. The friendly, soft-spoken graduate recently returned to Copán for Christmas and stopped by the campus with her cousin to say hello. She attended Mayatan from nursery through 9th grade, which she followed with a bachillerato en ciencias y […]


Doris is an outgoing,  globe-trotting Mayatan graduate who is planning her next big step. When she last visited school, she had recently returned from a year studying abroad in Germany and was planning for college. In March 2011, Doris won a scholarship to attend a university in the United States. We are all proud of […]


Iris is an exuberant assistant manager at a Copán Ruinas hotel who remembers Mayatan as being one of the best parts of her childhood. She is thankful for the people who made it possible for her to study here on scholarship, receiving what she calls “the best education!” Iris has a long list of favorite […]


Daysi is a warm, outgoing psychology major at UNICAH who looks back fondly on her time at Mayatan. Her dream is to eventually return to Copán Ruinas to live and practice psychology, a profession that is gaining ground in Honduras, and she would like to primarily treat the poor. Daysi believes that Mayatan prepared her […]

Christmas Rock from our Holiday Parade

This video of Miss Diana directing a choir of Mayatan primary school children comes courtesy of Mayatan parent Adalberto Hernandez. During our Christmas Parade on December 15, we marched through the streets of Copán singing Christmas carols. Santa led the way, distributing candy to children from a truck, followed by singing children in costume. Following […]

La Pintada Children

Several years ago, Mayatan committed to educate four children from the indigenous village of La Pintada that Peace Corps volunteers introduced to the school. Even if the La Pintada children don’t get sponsors, the school supports them with full tuition, uniforms, fees, transportation, and food. Both the children and Mayatan have been lucky to receive […]

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