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Doris is an outgoing,  globe-trotting Mayatan graduate who is planning her next big step. When she last visited school, she had recently returned from a year studying abroad in Germany and was planning for college. In March 2011, Doris won a scholarship to attend a university in the United States. We are all proud of this former full-scholarship student's success!

Doris has time to decide exactly which career path she will follow, but she is clearly enthusiastic about what she has done so far. She attended a bilingual high school in San Pedro Sula, though she missed Mayatan during that time. Doris fondly recalls working with Mr. Josh Forehand and drama club with Miss Deborah. Although Doris admits to having had a "mischievous" streak as a student, she was also deeply affected by the volunteer work she did in the the aldeas through Mayatan, such as bringing food and books to the children and reading to them on Fridays. Doris says that experience taught her that "we have to be happy for what we have."

One of the greatest adventures in Doris's life so far has been her exchange year in Bad Urach, near Stuttgart, Germany. When she arrived, she knew no German, so she began interacting with Germans and the 60 other foreign exchange students in English and worked her way up. After 6 months, she was able to hold a German conversation; she felt very welcome in the country and reports that Germans seemed very open-minded, organized, and punctual.

Germany also gave Doris the travel bug. While there she traveled to Norway, Spain (where she translated for her classmates in Bilbao), and around Germany, from Berlin in the north to skiing trips in the mountains. Now that she is back in Honduras, this newly tri-lingual Mayatan graduate has a promising future ahead of her.


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