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Share Your Memories

We need your memories. In honor of Mayatan’s 20th year reunion and anniversary, we are collecting stories, recollections, photos and anything else you would like to share about your time here. Please feel free to send an email to with your photos or thoughts, or just leave a comment on this page. Thanks for […]

Getting up our spirits: 20th Anniversary Week

February 14-18 was Spirit Week at Mayatan, during which we celebrated our school, its history, and our unique bilingual community. We started this tradition years ago to coincide with Mr. Frank Hopkins’ annual visit to Mayatan from the States as president of Hope for Tomorrow. It just so happens that, as this is our 20th […]

Mayatan Matters: A slideshow

Please share this touching video slideshow about Mayatan with your friends, family, and co-workers. It’s a nice 3-minute description of the work we do and our history, and it will help to get out the word about our scholarship programs.

Mayatan Becomes ACT Testing Center

Mayatan Bilingual School has just been accepted to become an ACT testing center. The ACT is one of two standardized tests that United States colleges and universities use to assess applicants (the other is the SAT). Now that Mayatan can offer the ACT, our high school students won’t have to travel 3.5 hours to San […]

Food and Beverages Exposition

Mr. Rudy recently led the 9th grade class in a very tasteful food and beverages exposition. The class split into pairs, each of which presented background information and, most importantly, delicious samples of foods from a particular category like meats, milk and cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruits, starches, and root vegetables. This was a particular treat […]

José Carlos

José is an enterprising, optimistic student  in the final year of his bachillerato at Chinchilla, the colegio in Copán, where he studies tourism. Mayatan now offers the degree, but we didn’t at the time when we had José on our campus as a scholarship student. José has already started on that goal of a career […]

Erlin Alexis

Erlin is a tremendously driven young man who works very hard to keep his grades above 80%. This is not always easy for a student who got a late start. He comes from a household of nine people who used to live across from Mayatan’s old location. Erlin’s grandfather was the school watchman, and the […]

Around the world in 40 recipes (well, 10)

Copán Ruinas may receive visitors from all over the world, but foreign cuisine is not commonly in the local diet. This week, some of our high school students are putting theory from their anthropology class to practice, cooking recipes from around the world. Mayatan 11th graders take anthropology to fulfill requirements for their tourism certificates. While […]

José Danilo

11th Grade, High School Needs $1775 towards complete costs Donate Now José Danilo shows what can be accomplished when kids are given a chance. Danilo is from the Chorti Maya people in La Estanzuela, an aldea in the mountains outisde of Copán. Aldeas are small, rural farming communities where people are very poor and lacking […]

Carlos Guerra

Carlos is a member of Mayatan’s first class, which began school here 20 years ago. Today he is back in Copán Ruinas, where he makes an array of artisanal cheeses at San Rafael, a local café. The young Copanecan got his start making cheese in the United States. First, he spent a year at the […]

Goal! Football team trip to Puerto Cortés

On Friday, January 21, I joined the Mayatan elementary boys’ soccer team on their first big trip, all the way to Puerto Cortés on the north coast of Honduras to play Atlantic Bilingual School. I was undoubtedly the luckiest “American” teacher at Mayatan, and it might not be a stretch to say that I had […]

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