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End of the Year

June 3rd was the final day of the 2010-11 school year, and today, June 10th, was the annual promotion for those kids moving onto the next grade. It is a particularly special day for 6th graders, who will be graduating into secondary school. I also think that 9th graders will be excited for the transition […]


Edgardo is an intrepid medical student at San Carlos University in Guatemala City. He attended Mayatan as long as he could, up until 9th grade, after which he went to Seran in San Pedro Sula. Edgardo’s fascination with medicine was sparked by his stints translating for medical brigades when he was a young Mayatan student. […]


Vivian recently came back to visit Mayatan, where her sister is in 9th grade, and remarked how much things have changed. She only studied at our current location for one year, and she spent most of her time at the campuses near the ruins and where Casa Villamil lies today. Vivian remembers that her cohort […]


Alvaro is a career-minded Mayatan graduate who is now studying science and agriculture at Zamarano. He is proud of his K-9 education here as well as his university studies at what he considers the best university in Honduras and maybe Central America. “Copán is an agriculturally-based department. Everything depends upon coffee.” Alvaro reports that he […]

Giving Trees

I’m not sure which day is officially Arbor Day here in Honduras, but Mayatan has observed the holiday twice during the final week of the 2010-11 school year. On Monday, primary school students set aside a chunk of the day to dig into the earth and plant trees around the school’s perimeter. On Friday, secondary […]

Mayatan Alumna Wins Scholarship to U.S.

Mayatan graduate Doris, who attended school on a half scholarship until 9th grade (our highest grade at the time), recently came back to campus brimming with excitement. Although she’s always very positive and outgoing, Doris had a particularly good reason to glow: she is one of 10 Hondurans who have been awarded a prestigious all-expenses […]

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