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Folklore Day 2012

Folklore Day is a celebration of Honduran culture and all of its many subcultures, from the Garífuna of the Caribbean coast to the Lenca and Maya of the Western mountains. It's a day that's best appreciated through the senses: the colors and costumes, the dances, the music, the essays, and, of course, the regional foods. We recommend you browse through our photo gallery for a good sense of all that happened.

The day was overfull with delights and people. Students, parents, and staff collaborated on the building of champas (huts) in regional designs on our central lawn. Each hut was made in the style of a subculture and included posters about that culture along with photos and other artifacts. Inside each hut were also mothers with coolers, stoves, plates, and plastic forks, ready to dole out fried fish, tamales, sea food soup, pupusas, rice and beans, horchata, chicha, and other drinks, dishes, and desserts from around the country.

We started events by awarding prizes in the Mayatan Appreciation Contests, which students used as a chance to show off their writing skills and reflect upon all of the benefits they receive by attending here. Teachers and staff were proud to see that many of the winners, like Ludy in 8th grade, were scholarships students who wrote about their experiences receiving a life-changing education.

After the awards, it was time for traditional dances performed by 10th graders, followed by the Mayan Princess and Warrior competitions, in which male and female students strutted their stuff in elaborate home-made costumes constructed from things like corn kernels, coffee beans, and corn husks.

Then we ate -- well!


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