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Earth Day 2012

April 22 was Earth Day, and Mayatan students celebrated a little bit early. On April 20, after spending some time in class learning about protecting the environment, students went out armed with plastic bags and gloves and did the dirty work of cleaning up a small slice of mankind's mess.

Younger kids, like those pictured below, stayed around campus and picked up trash. Older kids went off on mini field trips to different neighborhoods and spent 3 hours scouring the area for the litter and detritus that are common here and all over the world. As most visitors to Honduras know, the country suffers from a general lack of proper infrastructure for handling garbage and litter control hasn't caught on with everyone yet.

Earth Day is about education and awareness -- not just of world-wide environmental concerns, but of how each of us affects the environment and how each of us has a small amount of control over and responsibility for how we interact with the world we share. These were small efforts, but we hope it will make an impression on our students, ensuring that they and future generations are better aware of their impact on their immediate and the global environments.


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