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Celebrating Día del Niño at Mayatan!

Many countries across the globe celebrate Children's Day. While it does not garner much attention in the United States in Canada, Día del Niño is a big deal here in Honduras, where the struggle to afford children universal access to education and to protect them from unfair labor practices is still ongoing. Hence, the holiday is both a celebration of how much conditions have improved for Honduran children in recent years, as well as a rallying call to continue efforts to better their futures.

Most importantly, it's a day when, across all of Honduras, kids are allowed to be kids! And here at Mayatan, we fully embraced the opportunity. To kick off the day, our high school students visited their younger schoolmates' classrooms to lead fun activities, such as sing-alongs and rounds of musical chairs. Then, students had the opportunity to whack some piñatas, which our Secondary school students had built in their arts and crafts class. To finish the day, our teacher's hosted a range of outdoor activities -- frisbee toss, limbo, and even a spaghetti-slurping competition.

And while we enjoyed ourselves on campus, our 8th and 9th graders traveled to a local orphanage to make sure that even the most unfortunate children of Copan were able to celebrate the holiday. Building connections between our own grades as well as with local charities, and having a good time while doing it? Now that's what we call a successful Día del Niño!


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