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Mayatan Seniors: What will they do next?

During school tours, visitors to Mayatan ask all sorts of great questions. But one gets asked far more frequently than all others: What do Mayatan students do after they graduate? For a school, this is an incredibly important question; after all, what purpose does Mayatan serve except to prepare our students for their future lives? We've decided to share the answer with all of our online supporters.


2012 Graduating Class

First, some background: Up until 2012, Mayatan's highest graduating class was 9th grade. Typically, graduating 9th graders either  continued their education at public high schools in Copan Ruinas, or attended bilingual schools in San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa. Members of these early classes include students who have received scholarships to attend university in the United States, or who have opened their own businesses in Copan. In 2012, Mayatan graduated its first-ever high school class, comprised of six students. Five of these six are currently enrolled in universities in Central America, with three attending the prestigious Zamorano Agricultural School (the sixth considering enrolling in university next year).

Now, for our 2013 graduating class. Whether our students decide to venture off to foreign universities, or stay in Copan Ruinas to manage a family business, we wish them the best of luck! Latest news below:

Update 1/14/13: Three seniors have already received acceptances to colleges abroad. Henry and Jose Danilo were accepted to Rock Valley Community College in Rockford, Illinois, and are now applying for tuition waivers worth $15,000 annually. Sayda has been accepted to Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Congrats!

Update 4/3/13: Manuel has announced his plans to study Law and Political Science at the Universidad Católica in La Ceiba, Honduras. Congrats Manuel! We still have a number of seniors considering schools in the United States. A big obstacle is cost; High School Director John Weber is working closely with colleges and communities to find housing options and reduce tuition expenses. Finally, Graduation Day has been set for June 22nd, 2013! We'll look forward to seeing our seniors graduate in just over 2 months!

Our 2013 Mayatan Senior class

Our 2013 Mayatan Senior class


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