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Photos from Spirit Week 2013

IMG_0229 (1280x853)Here at Mayatan, we expect our students to work hard in and out of the classroom. But we also know that sometimes kids just need to let loose at school. That's why we host Mayatan Spirit Week -- a week where students can exchange their uniforms for wacky and creative dress, and step outside of the classroom for some playful activities with their teachers.

Spirit Week started off with three days of themed dress: Pajama and Crazy Hair Day on Monday, Sports Day on Tuesday, and Twin Day on Wednesday. On Thursday, our junior class organized events for Valentine's Day as a means of raising money for an upcoming class field trip: they sold cupcakes, roses, chocolate-covered fruit, Valentine-grams, and even song dedications played over a loudspeaker.

The week culminated with Fun Day, when our sophomore class coordinated a range of outdoor activities for the younger students. As the photos reveal, there were some great water balloon and shaving cream battles between our students and teachers! While we're now back to our normal class schedule, our students are no doubt already looking forward to next year's Spirit Week. Enjoy some photos from the week below (more photos on our Facebook page):


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