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The 2013-14 School Year, by the Numbers

1st GradersWe're now one month into the 23rd school year in Mayatan's history. We've grown quite a bit since Doña Nora Arita founded the school with nine kindergarten students in 1991 -- let's take a look at some of the numbers for the 2013-14 year:

This year Mayatan welcomes a grand total of 346 students into its classrooms: 67 in Pre-Escolar (Pre-K and Kindergarten), 167 in Primary School (grades 1-6), 76 in Secondary School (7-9), and 36 in High School (10-12). These students are divided into 21 class sections, resulting in an average of just over 16 students per classroom.

New TeachersAnd who will be teaching all these young Hondurans? That would be the 36 members of our teaching staff, of whom 19 are American and 17 are Honduran; 23 are Mayatan veterans, and 13 are new to the school. Our teachers are supported in part by 2 new administrators, Natalie Nienhaus and Don Stanger, who possess a combined 5 decades of teaching experience.

The Mayatan Foundation scholarship numbers for 2013-14 are on par with years past. 162 students (46.8% of student body) receive financial aid, with support coming from local and international sponsors (68 scholarships) and from the Mayatan Foundation itself (94 scholarships). Broken down by scholarship level, we provide 72 half-tuition scholarships, 57 full-tuition scholarships, and 33 scholarships that cover tuition plus other academic expenses.

IMG_7285 (623x1024)What will our students get up to after class? Primary students have the option of joining one of 4 after-school clubs. Older students are now participating in sports teams: 26 students are practicing for the upcoming Track and Field Meet in San Pedro Sula, and we hope to send 3 soccer teams (JV Boys, Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls) to a nation-wide tournament in the Spring. These teams are coached by 7 teachers and administrators who volunteer their time after school.

Finally, we'd like to count up the accolades for the 10 members of our Senior class. Six of these students will be completing their 13th year at Mayatan, and they are all among the school's most accomplished scholars -- as a group they earned a 91.7% grade average last year. When they graduate next June, they'll receive 3 distinct diplomas (American high school, Honduran high school, and certificate in tourism management). With such stellar academic performances, we suspect that these students will maintain Mayatan High School's historical average of sending 85% of its graduates on to higher education. We wish the best of luck to our seniors and to the rest of our students and faculty in the 2013-14 school year!

Keep Studying Hard, Seniors!

Keep Studying Hard, Seniors!


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