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The Frank and Belva Hopkins Auditorium

Auditorium Inauguration 2014-01-16 053 (1280x853)On January 17, Mayatan students, parents, staff, and friends gathered to inaugurate the newest addition to Mayatan's campus: the Frank and Belva Hopkins Auditorium, a covered court that will serve both as gymnasium and auditorium. The auditorium was named in honor of two of Mayatan's most committed and ardent supporters.

Frank and Belva Hopkins began working at Mayatan in 2000, shortly after visiting the school with an Elder Hostel tour group. Upon arrival, they found a staff of Hondurans and foreigners with the best of intentions: to deliver a quality education to the children of their community. What was lacking was organization, and Frank, as Director of the school, set himself to task. Over the course of two years, Frank worked to establish the Mayatan Foundation, coordinated the development of our new campus above Copán Ruinas, and increased the discipline of both students and teachers. His wife Belva assisted in these efforts, and also served as a Secondary school teacher.

Auditorium Inauguration 2014-01-16 004 (1280x854)Returning to Mayatan 12 years later, Frank and Belva had the opportunity to witness firsthand the results of their hard work. They met with the members of Mayatan's first Secondary school class, who are now in their mid-twenties. Frank and Belva were humbled to learn of the alumni's accomplishments; among the group was a clinical psychologist, a municipal judge, an agricultural engineer, a hotel manager, and many others with bright professional careers. The alumni were delighted to show gratitude to their former instructors, who pushed them to achieve as young students.

Given that Frank designed the school's campus, it is fitting that he and Belva were present to witness its latest addition, the new auditorium. Ironically, it is the first building to be constructed that wasn't in Frank's original plans. The idea for this project instead came about from the desires of Mayatan parents and students. For years, PE classes, sports team practices, school events, and assemblies were subject to the torments of the hot Honduran sun and seasonal downpours. Now, with a sheltered stage and court, we hope to expand our burgeoning programs in athletics, music, and performing arts.

Auditorium Inauguration 2014-01-16 072 (1280x853)Construction of the auditorium was supported by the Mayatan Parents Association, which has raised funds locally for the project for three years, and the Mayatan Foundation, which is in turn funded by both student tuition payments and outside donations. The project has thus been realized thanks to the collaboration of the families of Copán Ruinas and foreign supporters. There is perhaps nothing more emblematic of this collaboration than the longstanding commitment of Frank and Belva Hopkins, and for this reason we are proud to name the project in their honor.


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  1. That's a great gesture. And having Frank and Belva there to cut the ribbon - wonderful!

  2. Congratulations to Frank and Belva!

  3. I am so proud of the many people working together to improve the lives and opportunities for so many Honduran children but none more than my parents, Frank and Belva Hopkins. I visited Honduras when the new school was just getting started where the building footings were being shared with the land owner's cows. Everyone should be pleased with the progress over the years and what is now the new Mayatan Bilingual School.


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