Mayatan Foundation and Bilingual School Established 1991
Last updated 11/22/2016

Christopher Wilberto

4th Grade, Primary School Needs Half Tuition of $650 Donate Now

Christopher iCaptures a good kid who does well both academically and socially at Mayatan. He has good friends in class but is rarely distracted by social interactions. Academic interests come first to Christopher who is always doing his best work in class. He works slowly and carefully and is always asking questions to make sure he understands the material. Christopher is very punctual and organized and always turns neatly finished work in on time. He works great in groups and helps his classmates move in the right direction. His teachers admire him for being a funny character who lets other people be themselves around him. Christopher regularly surprises his teachers with his unique and memorable personality and his determined work ethic in class. Christopher lives with both of his parents, his aunt and his baby brother. His father distributes water in Copan and regularly helps the school transport materials and equipment during special activities and events. Christopher would like to serve as a police officer when he grows up.


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