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Last updated 11/22/2016

Dayana Juliet

3rd Grade, Primary School Needs Half Tuition of $650 Donate Now

Dayana is a 3rd grade Capturestudent who lives with her mother, younger brother and grandparents in one of the poorest neighborhoods in town. Dayana's is progressively becoming a good student as the years advance. She has a strong personality and enjoys socializing with both adults and peers. Dayana enjoys learning how to accept a challenge in her classes and has become a self confident student who is determined to become a great student. She takes initiative to spend time after school in tutoring if she doesn't understand a subject and never gives up trying. She is always friendly and respectful with her teachers, gets along with everyone and has a goofy/quirky personality. Her teacher Ms. Lauren mentioned that Dayana is a joy in her life and that she looks forward to seeing her every day. Dayana's mother works at the school cafeteria. Although her mother did not complete primary school she is currently taking weekend classes taught by our senior high school students, she will finish 6th grade this year. Dayana's favorite class is music and she would like to do something related to music or the arts when she grows up.


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