Mayatan Foundation and Bilingual School Established 1991


Honduras presents many challenges to outfitting and maintaining a school's collection: books are generally more expensive and more difficult to find than in the United States, and the humid climate can be particularly damaging to a library collection. Nonetheless, in its early years Mayatan attempted to put together a English-language collection as best it could.

When Miss Diana de Hernandez began volunteering at Mayatan in 2006, she noticed a cramped, disorganized room labeled 'Library'. The small collection of donated books were in various conditions, ranging from obsolete and unusable to brand new, and there was no system in place for checking out and keeping track of books.

LibrarySeeing an opportunity to help Mayatan in a substantial way, Miss Diana petitioned the school to hire her as Mayatan's first librarian. The school accepted her proposal, and she soon found a more appropriate room, tracked down the books out on loan, devised a checkout system, and organized the books according to grade and subject.

Since that time, the library has expanded thanks to donations of books from our Amazon Wish List and friends who help our improve our library space and protect our collection.

Today, the John R. Weber Library contains volumes in English and Spanish covering a range of subjects and grade levels. The library is becoming more and more integrated into Mayatan's education by administering programs in reading comprehension, hosting class visits, and acquiring new textbooks. Miss Diana also encourages families to take home books for one week at a time with her 'Traveling Bookshelf' program.

Although the library has improved greatly since 2006, there are still many needs. We hope to move the library from its present classroom near the kindergarten into its own space designed to store and protect books. There is also a continual need for more books and equipment, such as completion of our ceiling and installation of fans to ventilate the room.

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