Mayatan Foundation and Bilingual School Established 1991

Our Teachers

Honduran Teaching Staff:

  • Gilda Alvarado, kindergarten assistant and primary social sciences
  • Francisco Bringuez, primary social sciences
  • Norma Casasola, high school Honduran history and legislation
  • Rudy Dubón, primary art, civics, and music
  • Ada Marroquin, secondary social sciences
  • Norma Murcia, primary Spanish
  • Yessenia Ramirez, secondary social sciences
  • Patricia Sarmiento, primary Spanish and social sciences
  • Carla Steiner, pre-kindergarten
  • Ffarah Valenzuela, first grade assistant
  • Keyla Valverth, secondary Spanish and civics
  • Mariela Veliz, pre-kindergarten assistant
  • Marisela Guerra, first grade assistant
  • Daniela Lara, first grade assistant
  • Hernan Vides, secondary music and physical education
  • Marisol Welchez, high school Spanish

2013-2014 Foreign Teachers:

  • Lauren Sherman, Special Education
  • Kristen Pierce, 5th Grade
  • Mitch Patterman, Secondary Literature and English
  • Curtis Vollmar, Secondary Science and Math
  • Nicole McIntyre, 1st grade
  • Natalie Nienhaus, High School Literature & Social Studies
  • Andrea Perez, 2nd grade
  • John Gill, 1st grade
  • Yvonne Karwacki, Secondary Math and Science
  • Stephen Evans, High School Social Studies and Business
  • Alice Clark, 2nd Grade
  • Anthony Ricca, 4th Grade
  • CJ Hawkins, Kindergarten
  • Mary Ann James, Kindergarten
  • Caitlin Gedris, 3rd Grade
  • Andrew Thompson, High School Social Studies
  • Polly Cheeseman, 6th Grade
  • Charlie Wofford, 6th Grade
  • Brittani Wynn, Secondary and High School English and Literature
  • Anthony Parks, High School Math and Science

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