Mayatan Foundation and Bilingual School Established 1991


Technology at Mayatan

Until a few years ago, Mayatan had little technological resources to offer its students. Today, thanks to generous support from the Mayatan Board and foreign donors, the school boasts a Technology Classroom with 42 laptop computers and a campus-wide wireless internet network.

These resources allow all Mayatan students to develop the computer skills necessary to compete in the modern workplace. Computer instruction begins in 1st grade and continues through high school, where students take University of Missouri High School classes and tests online. Secondary and High School students may check out notebook computers overnight and on weekends as needed.

We rely on donations to bring technology to our students. Many of the computers in our Technology Classroom, though functional, are quite old. Daily wear-and-tear, combined with frequent low-voltage and power surges, means that our equipment requires frequent maintenance, repair, or replacement.

We are always looking for donations of computers, equipment, and software to help improve our infrastructure and to increase students’ access to the digital age. Find out more about how you can support technology at Mayatan.


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