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The earliest Mayatan students are just beginning to graduate from university and are starting to build adult lives and professions. Mayatan alumni also enjoy coming back to visit their old teachers and see how the school has changed. Below you will find profiles of some alumni and what they are up to these days, be it higher education or a career. If you are interested in seeing your own profile here, e-mail


Alvaro is a career-minded Mayatan graduate who is now studying science and agriculture at Zamarano. He is proud of his K-9 education here as well as his university studies at what he considers the best university in Honduras and maybe Central America. “Copán is an agriculturally-based department. Everything depends upon coffee.” Alvaro reports that he […]

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Carlos Rene Fajardo Pinto is the oldest of five sons. While in primary school, he received a scholarship from Mayatan Foundation that covered half his tuition costs, allowing him to attend despite his family’s financial situation. This opportunity, combined with his academic ability, strength of character, hard work, and supportive family, has enabled Carlos to […]

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Carlos Guerra

Carlos is a member of Mayatan’s first class, which began school here 20 years ago. Today he is back in Copán Ruinas, where he makes an array of artisanal cheeses at San Rafael, a local café. The young Copanecan got his start making cheese in the United States. First, he spent a year at the […]

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Christian David

Christian is a high school student and former Mayataner who is ready to take flight literally and metaphorically.The high school student fell in love with airplanes after a friend showed him how to repair model planes, and he has plans to become a pilot or an aeronautical engineer. We don’t doubt this warm, bright teenager’s […]

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Daysi is a warm, outgoing psychology major at UNICAH who looks back fondly on her time at Mayatan. Her dream is to eventually return to Copán Ruinas to live and practice psychology, a profession that is gaining ground in Honduras, and she would like to primarily treat the poor. Daysi believes that Mayatan prepared her […]

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Doris is an outgoing,  globe-trotting Mayatan graduate who is planning her next big step. When she last visited school, she had recently returned from a year studying abroad in Germany and was planning for college. In March 2011, Doris won a scholarship to attend a university in the United States. We are all proud of […]

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Edgardo is an intrepid medical student at San Carlos University in Guatemala City. He attended Mayatan as long as he could, up until 9th grade, after which he went to Seran in San Pedro Sula. Edgardo’s fascination with medicine was sparked by his stints translating for medical brigades when he was a young Mayatan student. […]

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Gabby María

Gabby is a young woman with one of those effervescent personalities that puts everyone else at ease. Her academic and social strengths have taken her on a terrific adventure from Copán Ruinas to Tegucigalpa to Florida, and who knows where she will go in the future? Gabby attended Mayatan from Kindergarten to 9th grade, which […]

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Gisselle was the third child in her family to attend Mayatan, following her two older brothers here. The friendly, soft-spoken graduate recently returned to Copán for Christmas and stopped by the campus with her cousin to say hello. She attended Mayatan from nursery through 9th grade, which she followed with a bachillerato en ciencias y […]

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Hector Orlando

Hector Orlando is a proud Mayatan graduate who attended high school in Santa Rosa before moving on to Unitec in San Pedro Sula for university. He looks back fondly on his time here, saying that “Every teacher had time to dedicate to each student.” Hector notes a definite advantage to his Mayatan education. He was […]

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Iris is an exuberant assistant manager at a Copán Ruinas hotel who remembers Mayatan as being one of the best parts of her childhood. She is thankful for the people who made it possible for her to study here on scholarship, receiving what she calls “the best education!” Iris has a long list of favorite […]

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José Carlos

José is an enterprising, optimistic student  in the final year of his bachillerato at Chinchilla, the colegio in Copán, where he studies tourism. Mayatan now offers the degree, but we didn’t at the time when we had José on our campus as a scholarship student. José has already started on that goal of a career […]

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Juan Angel

Juan Angel is a charismatic student at Zamorano, the agricultural university in Honduras. As you’d expect of someone who enjoys classes about science and production or bananas, Juan Angel isn’t the type of person who likes to sit behind a desk all day. Instead, his hope is to return to Copán and enter the family’s […]

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María Gabrielle

María Gabrielle is a pioneering Mayatan student, one of the children for whom local mothers founded the school back in 1991. Today she is in her third year of studying interior design at Universidad Veritas, a school for art, photography, architecture, and cinema in San Jose, Costa Rica. She is enjoying just the sort of […]

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In 2010, Mauricio Alejandro Interiano Rodrigez, a sophomore at Mayatan Bilingual High School, won a scholarship through United World Colleges to travel to Pearson College in Victoria, British Columbia, and finish 11th and 12th grade. Upon completion of the required course study, he will receive an International Baccalaureate Diploma, allowing college entrance worldwide. Students from […]

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Mavis Mabel Espinoza Garin joined Mayatan as a kindergartner back when we were still located across from the archaeological site. She grew up here, continuing as a scholarship student at Mayatan until she was sixteen. (Mayatan did not have a colegio at the time.) Like many other students, Mavis was lucky to have a sponsor […]

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Mayatan Seniors: What will they do next?

With a strong bilingual education, graduating Mayatan students have a bright future ahead of them. Find out exactly what our senior class will be doing next year.

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Melissa is an ambitious Mayatan graduate who is pursuing a medical degree at Costa Rica’s Universidad de Ciencias Medicinas. Despite living and studying abroad, she looks forward to coming back home on her breaks: all the people she grew up with and care about are here, and Mayatan is an important part of that experience. […]

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Vivian recently came back to visit Mayatan, where her sister is in 9th grade, and remarked how much things have changed. She only studied at our current location for one year, and she spent most of her time at the campuses near the ruins and where Casa Villamil lies today. Vivian remembers that her cohort […]

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