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Give the life-changing gift of bilingual education to a Honduran child. Sponsor a student's Mayatan career, and the gift will go both ways: you'll know you made a difference in the life of a child who needs it, and the student will have a leg up in a world that often leaves behind children from rural Central America.

Christopher Wilberto

4th Grade, Primary School Needs Half Tuition of $650 Donate Now

Christopher iCaptures a good kid who does well both academically and socially at Mayatan. He has good friends in class but is rarely distracted by social interactions. Academic interests come first to Christopher who is always doing his best work in class. He works slowly and carefully and is always asking questions to make sure he understands the material. Christopher is very punctual and organized and always turns neatly finished work in on time. He works great in groups and helps his classmates move in the right direction. His teachers admire him for being a funny character who lets other people be themselves around him. Christopher regularly surprises his teachers with his unique and memorable personality and his determined work ethic in class. Christopher lives with both of his parents, his aunt and his baby brother. His father distributes water in Copan and regularly helps the school transport materials and equipment during special activities and events. Christopher would like to serve as a police officer when he grows up.

Daniel Eduardo

3rd Grade, Primary School Needs Half Tuition of $650 Donate Now

Daniel is aDaniel Eduardo very happy 3rd grade student who has many friends and enjoys joking with friends and teachers. He is also extremely smart. Daniel is a very sweet student who has also shown artistic talents. His math teachers admire him for his ability to lift everyone in class throughout the day with his persona. Daniel lives with both of his parents and his baby brother. His father is a local mini bus driver and his mother sells jewelry downtown. Daniel's personal hero is his father because he helps him with difficult tasks and is a good father. Daniel's favorite thing about school is learning new things and he would like to be a firefighter when he grows up.

Dayana Juliet

3rd Grade, Primary School Needs Half Tuition of $650 Donate Now

Dayana is a 3rd grade Capturestudent who lives with her mother, younger brother and grandparents in one of the poorest neighborhoods in town. Dayana's is progressively becoming a good student as the years advance. She has a strong personality and enjoys socializing with both adults and peers. Dayana enjoys learning how to accept a challenge in her classes and has become a self confident student who is determined to become a great student. She takes initiative to spend time after school in tutoring if she doesn't understand a subject and never gives up trying. She is always friendly and respectful with her teachers, gets along with everyone and has a goofy/quirky personality. Her teacher Ms. Lauren mentioned that Dayana is a joy in her life and that she looks forward to seeing her every day. Dayana's mother works at the school cafeteria. Although her mother did not complete primary school she is currently taking weekend classes taught by our senior high school students, she will finish 6th grade this year. Dayana's favorite class is music and she would like to do something related to music or the arts when she grows up.

Fernando Josue

Fernando Jose Vega Morales

9th Grade, Secondary School Needs Half Tuition of $850 Donate Now

Fernando is an extremely outgoing student. He is always more than willing to participate and loves to talk about anything, just as long as he's practicing his English. His family is very supportive and always willing to do whatever it takes to help him stay on track at school. He enjoys painting, and in his free time he likes to play with cars. He lives in Copán Ruinas with his parents and sister. His mother is a waitress in a hotel in Copán, and the family needs the support of a scholarship to keep his future bright.

María José

Maria Jose Lopez Morales

6th Grade Primary School Needs Half Tuition of $650 Donate Now

María José comes from Sesemil, an aldea in the mountains several miles above Copán along very rough roads. The family had to move to Sesesmil because of mother's work as a teacher in Malcote, and to take care of mother's father, who was ailing. Despite the distance and troubles like suffering the loss of two children, her father is involved in María’s education. This support helps her through some tough experiences. María José lives with her grandmother during the week to be closer to school. Everyone is working together to give this bright youngster a good start.

Marvin Josue


7th Grade, Primary School Needs Half Tuition of $850 Donate Now

Marvin came to Mayatan in 2009 following the death of his father. It’s a joy to have this extroverted, energetic student on hand. Marvin also has an older brother in 9th grade here. His single mother manages as many of her son’s educational expenses as she can, but she has asked for help. The family had been living in San Pedro Sula, a large industrial city in Honduras, but they moved back to Copán following the father’s death. The father's company was supposed to contribute to Marvin’s education, but this never came through, and the mother was robbed of most of her savings on the bus to Copán from San Pedro. Marvin loves soccer and is one of the youngest players on our middle school squad.

Raul Ernesto

Raul Ernesto Rodriguez Banegas

9th Grade, Secondary School Needs Half Tuition of $850 Donate Now

Raul Ernesto is an attentive, driven student who is also quite outgoing. His civic and academic talents make him a natural student leader. He loves sports so much that he is always on good behavior so that he can have the full recess time to play soccer. Raul is new to our scholarship system because of his parents’ financial situation. His mother just had a baby and stays at home to take care of it, and his father lost his primary job, as has happened to many in and around Copán. The family runs a small copy shop, but business is slow business of the economy, and they are struggling to pay their son’s tuition. Raul currently has a GPA of 95% and is seeking a sponsor which would allow him to continue onto our high school program. Raul would make any sponsor proud.

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