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Our belief is that all Mayatan students have the potential to succeed, and there are many moving stories on our campus of students who overcome challenges to do well in school. This page contains just a few profiles of students whom we are particularly proud of for the achievements while on scholarship and in their careers beyond Mayatan.


Carlos Rene Fajardo Pinto is the oldest of five sons. While in primary school, he received a scholarship from Mayatan Foundation that covered half his tuition costs, allowing him to attend despite his family’s financial situation. This opportunity, combined with his academic ability, strength of character, hard work, and supportive family, has enabled Carlos to […]

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Erlin Alexis

Erlin is a tremendously driven young man who works very hard to keep his grades above 80%. This is not always easy for a student who got a late start. He comes from a household of nine people who used to live across from Mayatan’s old location. Erlin’s grandfather was the school watchman, and the […]

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Gabby María

Gabby is a young woman with one of those effervescent personalities that puts everyone else at ease. Her academic and social strengths have taken her on a terrific adventure from Copán Ruinas to Tegucigalpa to Florida, and who knows where she will go in the future? Gabby attended Mayatan from Kindergarten to 9th grade, which […]

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Iris is an exuberant assistant manager at a Copán Ruinas hotel who remembers Mayatan as being one of the best parts of her childhood. She is thankful for the people who made it possible for her to study here on scholarship, receiving what she calls “the best education!” Iris has a long list of favorite […]

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José Adelso

Jose lives in El Carrizal, a small aldea in the hills 3 miles above Copán. His grandmother walks him down the hill to school every day. When he was younger, she would sit and wait for him until school was out. Given the care that his grandmother puts into his education, it is no surprise […]

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José Carlos

José is an enterprising, optimistic student  in the final year of his bachillerato at Chinchilla, the colegio in Copán, where he studies tourism. Mayatan now offers the degree, but we didn’t at the time when we had José on our campus as a scholarship student. José has already started on that goal of a career […]

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José Danilo

11th Grade, High School Needs $1775 towards complete costs Donate Now José Danilo shows what can be accomplished when kids are given a chance. Danilo is from the Chorti Maya people in La Estanzuela, an aldea in the mountains outisde of Copán. Aldeas are small, rural farming communities where people are very poor and lacking […]

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La Pintada Children

Several years ago, Mayatan committed to educate four children from the indigenous village of La Pintada that Peace Corps volunteers introduced to the school. Even if the La Pintada children don’t get sponsors, the school supports them with full tuition, uniforms, fees, transportation, and food. Both the children and Mayatan have been lucky to receive […]

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In 2010, Mauricio Alejandro Interiano Rodrigez, a sophomore at Mayatan Bilingual High School, won a scholarship through United World Colleges to travel to Pearson College in Victoria, British Columbia, and finish 11th and 12th grade. Upon completion of the required course study, he will receive an International Baccalaureate Diploma, allowing college entrance worldwide. Students from […]

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Sponsored: Fernanda Sofia

Update: Full Sponsorship Found (And More)! We’re happy to announce that we have found full support for Fernanda Sofia, even going beyond the $1100 we hoped to raise on Kapipal! You exceeded our expectations, helping us raise the funds before we’d even finished advertising the campaign! We’re especially grateful to former Mayatan teacher Olivia Ungerer […]

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