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Why Mayatan?

Mayatan is different from other bilingual schools and NGOs in Central America. We are locally-founded, women-founded, and non-profit. We use a permanent Honduran staff and qualified teachers from English-speaking countries to provide a well-rounded education to some 350 students from PK-12th grade. Nearly half of our students receive significant financial aid.

Our work helps ensure that Honduran children from all social backgrounds aren't left behind by the rest of the world. We have been transforming bilingual education for over 20 years with the help of generous local and international supporters like you. Read some of the stories of students and alumni whose lives we've changed.

Mayatan delivers bilingual education to an area of Honduras lacking in educational resources. However, because we are not owned by a church, government, of foreign organization, and because nearly half of our students require financial aid, we must support our efforts through donations and by charging tuition to students who can afford it.

We depend on the generosity of our supporters to help extend the life-changing gift of education to those who need it most.


Needed: A Few Dedicated Sponsors

Our most pressing ongoing need is for scholarship sponsors.

With an economy based upon tourism, Copán Ruinas has been particularly hard-hit by the worldwide recession that started in 2008, the Honduran political crisis of 2009-2010, and the soaring crime rates which have plagued the country. Just as local parents have lost their jobs or faced pay reductions, many donors have become less able to contribute. For Mayatan, the consequence has been that more and more students have needed financial assistance just as our ability to help them has dwindled.

We need your assistance to keep providing excellent education and opportunities to the children of Copán Ruinas.

How You Can Help

Individuals, private companies, and non-governmental organizations may help Mayatan students by becoming a student sponsor, making a one-time contribution to our scholarship program, or in a number of other ways.


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