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Mayatan Scholarships: A Unique Opportunity

For children of low- and middle-income families in Honduras – the third-poorest country in the Western hemisphere – a quality education is simply out of reach. Their parents cannot afford to send them to the elite private schools, which offer little or no financial aid. The options they can afford do not provide quality outcomes: the Honduran public school system is tragically underfunded and understaffed, and the less expensive ‘bilingual’ schools often do not have a single English-speaking teacher on staff.

The Mayatan Bilingual School offers a unique solution for these families: high quality education at an affordable price. Each year, the Mayatan Foundation grants financial aid to over 150 students at the Mayatan Bilingual School. Scholarships range from half-tuition aid to full-tuition plus academic expenses (books, uniforms, etc.), and allow Honduran children from all socioeconomic backgrounds to receive a life-changing, high quality bilingual education.

The education these students receive at Mayatan provides them incredible opportunity. Over 85% of Mayatan High School graduates have continued on to higher education in Central and North America. Fluency in the English language affords graduates better job prospects in Copán Ruinas, where tourism is a central industry, and abroad, where English is the requisite professional language.

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Sara and SponsorWhat is a sponsor?

Approximately half of all scholarships are funded via sponsors – individuals or organizations who cover partial or full funding of a student’s financial aid. Typically, sponsors will support a student over multiple years, though sponsors do not need to sign on for a certain number of years in advance. Donations are tax-deductible in the United States and can be made online or via mailed check.

Why become a sponsor?

When you sponsor a Mayatan student, our scholarship students benefits in two ways:

1. Your sponsored student will have their scholarship secured via your support.
2. Your funding will increase the Mayatan Foundation’s capacity to offer new scholarships to incoming students.

Additionally, Mayatan will help to foster a relationship, if desired, between the sponsors and students. Sponsors receive regular updates, including photos, grade reports, comments from the teacher, and written notes from the student. Sponsors are encouraged to communicate with their sponsored students and their families via letters and emails, or by visiting them here in Copán Ruinas!

Danilo GraduationWhat are the results?

Sponsorship allows students from needy families to continue from Primary School to Secondary School at Mayatan, and then on to High School after that, where they receive both American and Honduran high school diplomas. Over 85% of Mayatan high school graduates continue on to university. Sponsored students have enrolled in colleges throughout Central America, and even in the United States. On some occasions, sponsors have decided to continue supporting their student as they continue on to university.

Many of our oldest graduates (who are now only in their mid-twenties) have begun to return to Copán Ruinas after university to start businesses or begin their professional lives.

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