Mayatan Foundation and Bilingual School Established 1991

Final Step: Donate!

All donations made via the options below will go 100% to Mayatan's scholarship program. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please visit our Sponsorship pages. Sponsors support a single student over multiple years, and receive frequent updates from the school and the student. One-time donations made via the method below will be allocated to scholarship students at Mayatan's discretion.

Choose from the following 4 donation options:

Online Credit Card Donation
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Why Mayatan?

By now, we think you probably know that Mayatan is different from other bilingual schools and NGOs in Central America. We are locally-founded, women-founded, and non-profit. We use a permanent Honduran staff and qualified volunteers from English-speaking countries to provide a well-rounded education to some 300 students from PK-12th grade.

Our work helps ensure that Honduran children from all social backgrounds aren't left behind by the rest of the world. We have been transforming bilingual education for over 20 years with the help of generous local and international supporters like you. Read some of the stories of students whose lives we've changed.

Your Gift at Work

All donations are matched with a specific scholarship student, based on their level of financial need and academic performance. Even if you intend to only make a one-time contribution, we will still send you updates, photos, and letters from the student whom your gift supported. Sponsorships and one-time contributions are both important sources of funding for Mayatan's scholarship program.

Donations to Other Programs

We welcome contributions to other programs at Mayatan (eg Music, Athletics, Library, Technology). You must include include a note along with your check (or e-mail if you make an online donation) specifying for what purpose you would like your donation to be used.


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