Mayatan Foundation and Bilingual School Established 1991

Decide upon a Sponsorship Level

There are students in all grade levels who are seeking sponsor support. You can select a sponsorship level that you're comfortable with from the options below, and Mayatan will match you with a student with a corresponding level of need. You will receive regular updates regarding that students' progress at Mayatan.

Grade Sponsorship Level Monthly Amount Annual Amount
Pre-K and Kindergarten Half-Tuition $42 $500
Full-Tuition $84 $1,000
Primary School (Grades 1-6) Half-Tuition $55 $650
Full-Tuition $109 $1,300
Secondary School (7-9) Half-Tuition $71 $850
Full-Tuition $142 $1,700
High School (10-12) Half-Tuition $84 $1,000
Full-Tuition $167 $2,000

Some students from very poor families need extra support to cover related academic expenses. In such cases, an additional support may be requested of the sponsor.


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