Mayatan Foundation and Bilingual School Established 1991

A New Library

Our eventual goal is to move the library from its current location--a small, modified classroom in the preschool area--to a building of its own.

There are many reasons for the planned move. Mayatan is growing in terms of enrollment and the number of classes needed as we become a full-fledged colegio, and the library occupies a classroom space. Space constraints and noise can be difficult to work around, of course, but there are other truly pressing needs. Classrooms are constructed with some exposure to the elements. Because the library is a modified classroom, its roof is liable to leak, which can be damaging to books and other materials. The current library contains a partially-tiled ceiling, which helps protect our collection to a degree, but it is neither complete nor ideal. Moreover, we require proper ventilation in our hot, rainy climate, which the current library space cannot provide.

Our planned library will be larger, designed to accommodate library furniture, freestanding to allow for more privacy, and roofed and ventilated to protect our books and equipment. Its completion will be a boon to Mayatan students for years to come. It will allow us to better preserve our valuable collection , and it will give students a better space to study and explore the world of books.

If you would like to contribute to our new library, you can visit our donation page and follow instructions there to earmark your contribution.


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