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Technology Needs

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Mayatan relies upon your donations to keep its technology up to date so that our students are prepared to join the 21st-century workforce.

Please note that, while we accept donations of used equipment, we prefer cash donations earmarked for technology. This is because the costs of shipping technology from the United States are very high, often as much as $8 a pound. Moreover, many shipments to Honduras get delayed or lost at customs.

Below, find a list of technology items that we currently need, along with an estimated cost. If you would like to contribute to the cost of an item, you can visit our donation page and follow instructions there to earmark your contribution.

  • Full-sized notebook computers / 7 needed - $650 each
  • Netbook computers / 7 needed - $350 each
  • E-readers / 25 needed - $100-$200 each
  • Elmo visual presenter -  $1500 (for a used item in good condition)
  • Roll-up screens for projections - $150 each

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