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The Student Sponsorship Program

Sponsored students are the hopes and dreams of their families and communities. The Student Sponsorship Program matches individuals who believe in our mission with students who need financial aid to continue their studies.

Students eligible for sponsorship have already been accepted into Mayatan Bilingual School and may already be attending. The school considers financial need, academic performance, and family situations in determining eligibility. We award as many scholarships as we can, and we work hard to match students with new sponsors. You can sponsor one of our scholarship students for as little as $50 a month!

When sponsors support one child’s future by contributing school fees, the Foundation is free to focus its resources on other areas of need.

How It Works

Some Sponsored Students

Kensy Elizabeth

Kensy Elizabeth and Marlon Alexander are just two students seeking sponsors like you.

Sponsors pledge to contribute to a particular student at one of the following predefined annual levels:

Full Tuition:
PK/Kindergarten: $1,000
1-6 Primary: $1,250
7-9 Secondary: $1,650
10-12 High School: $2,050

PK/Kindergarten: $500
1-6 Primary: $625
7-9 Secondary: $825
10-12 High School: $1,025

Are these levels beyond your means? No problem! Contribute a monthly or annual amount that you are comfortable with, and we will match you up with other partial sponsors to fund a specific student in need.

Some sponsors choose to contribute more than tuition to cover a student's fees, transportation, meals, or other costs. Please contact Mayatan if you may be interested in this.

Sponsors may pay the entire amount of their pledge at the beginning of the school year, or they may make payments towards the pledge throughout the year (September to June).

Mayatan Foundation will keep the sponsor updated on the student's progress by sending grade reports, newsletters, and thank-you notes from the student. The minimum time commitment for sponsoring a child is one year, although many sponsors stay with the same student year after year, following the student's growth and progress throughout their education.

If sponsorship is not right for you at this time, you may always donate an amount that is comfortable for you. All donations to our general fund will go towards scholarships.

Become a Sponsor
  1. Decide upon a level of sponsorship, based upon your desired annual or monthly contribution (half-tuition or full tuition for primary, secondary, or high school, or a lower amount of your choosing).
  2. Contact for assistance in selecting an individual student who will receive your support. A small sample of students in need are also listed on our 'Students Seeking Sponsors' page.
  3. Donate to Mayatan using the method most comfortable for you. Be sure to indicate your student's name and the level of support you intend to give.
  4. Take pride in your new relationship with Mayatan School and your sponsored student, and look forward to the frequent updates you will receive on your student's progress!

Contact Tommy Flint, Development Director, with any questions.


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