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The Aldea Project

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UPDATE: We have selected our two Aldea Project Scholarship recipients: Deymy Odilia and Yeferson Naul. Both students come from La Pintada, and are entering pre-school at Mayatan. We have raised sufficient funds for Yeferson for this year, but we are still fundraising for Deymy. All sponsors will receive frequent updates on the progress of both students throughout the year, and as they continue on at Mayatan in the future. Please consider donating for Deymy by clicking the link below!


Mayatan is seeking financial support for two scholarship students from the aldea of La Pintada. 100% of all contributions will go directly towards these students' academic fees (via our 501c3 partner Hope for Tomorrow, Inc.). You can help Mayatan offer a world-class education to students in need, and to empower the families of La Pintada to lift themselves out of poverty.

In the past, we have not had the resources or opportunities to better our lives. This is a good opportunity for our daughter to better her quality of life.

The Project

Mayatan Bilingual School is committed to providing a world-class education in English and Spanish to Honduran children from all walks of life.

Four students -- Kency, Milton, Sara, and Harlyn -- from the mountainside aldea (small village) of La Pintada are among our biggest successes, despite coming from families that survive on subsistence agriculture and the sale of corn husk dolls. Most of their peers will have no chance to move up socially or economically, facing futures that involve early marriage and tending someone else’s farm.

We want to have more successes like Kency, Milton, Harlyn, and Sara, and we are going to start with two more Pre-Kindergarten scholarships from La Pintada. But we can’t create a more equitable, competitive Honduras without your support.

We want to learn about the communities of the other students, and to share our culture with them.

What's an Aldea?

Aldeas are the places where Maya Ch’orti culture and Honduran traditions thrive and survive. It is here that much of the coffee, corn, beans, and cattle that support the region are grown. Unfortunately, aldeas rarely benefit from their contributions. They lack utilities, services, infrastructure, and opportunities for growth—especially education. Many adults here are illiterate, and each classroom at the local public school hosts dozens of students from every grade.

Mayatan and Diversity

Mayatan is unique in Honduras because it may be the only place in the country where wealthy, middle-class, and poor students come together without conflict or judgment. Where else can a child from a Mayan village find himself studying alongside the elites of his country for a U.S. high school diploma?

We see this diversity as key to a better future for Honduras, where socioeconomic barriers are heavily entrenched. Regardless of background, the environment at Mayatan offers students the social connections, heterogeneous world-views, and democratic ideals that will allow them to succeed in any social or professional environment.

We are always ready to meet at school with her professors, to help out with class trips, and to do anything else in support of her education.

La Pintada

Although Mayatan educates children from other aldeas, we have an especially strong relationship with La Pintada. In 2006, a Peace Corps volunteer and a visitor arranged for four children from the community to enter Mayatan in kindergarten. Ever since, generous donors have made this project financially feasible, while our teachers have committed as much as they can--even organizing a Saturday morning tutoring and community activity project in the village.

The current La Pintada students are among the best in their grade academically and behaviorally despite the fact that they commute over an hour each way to school and return to candlelit homes to do homework, housework, or farm labor. Their parents are all incredibly supportive of their children’s educations. It is not easy for those four students, but because of their commitment, we want to continue working with La Pintada.

The Students

We want to show our daughter that we are very proud of her, and that we will help with anything she needs at school.

We don’t yet know exactly who the recipients of your support will be, as the selection process is still underway, but we know they will be great candidates for success. In 2007, the community of La Pintada came together under the direction of a community leader, teachers, and parents to decide upon four students. They clearly chose well.

We know that students succeed with their peers, and we hope to raise funds for at least two students, and hopefully more. Mayatan will work closely with the community to make the right choice. In addition to the La Pintada scholarships, we hope to have a total 5 Pre-Kinder students on scholarship next year.

Your Donation

We are looking for both one-time-only donations and for ongoing support at any level for this important project. We will not be able to offer scholarships without donor support. 100% of the funds we receive for the Aldea Project (minus any processing fees) will go towards scholarships for the students we select from La Pintada. Your funds will reach us through our 501(c)3 partner, Hope for Tomorrow, Inc.

Ongoing commitments are the best way to ensure that these students continue to study at Mayatan. If you want to make an ongoing commitment, whether it’s $5 a month or $1000 a year, please contact and we will help you to maximize your donation. Mayatan will keep in regular communication with all ongoing donors, providing photos, academic reports, and personal notes from the scholarship students.


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